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Laurent Delaye Gallery, 2021


Collaborating  with Laurent Delaye Gallery producing limited edition, signed prints, from a selection of past and present works. Available to purchase online at:

November 02, 2020

I am excited to announce that my work is currently being exhibited in the Winter Salon at the Laurent Delaye gallery. The work can be viewed on site or online.  There are options to purchase limited edition prints from the selected art works.

Winter Salon is a new yearly event at the Laurent Delaye Gallery in Ramsgate.  This year it will take place at the Vinyl Head Gallery in Addington Street, from 4 to 29 November 2020.


There was a time when public Art exhibitions came to change the course of history, and the 19C had plenty of them.  As Victorian Ramsgate was basking in the glory of prestige and elegance, monocles in London were dropping at the daringness of the new moderns, while in France the art of the next century was made amid riots and  editorial calls for arson.  In this spirit, and in view of the present circumstances, we think it really is time for the opening of a Winter Salon in Ramsgate.  Starting small, and in one venue, we anticipate that by the next years to come, the whole town will be the stage of an art revolution spreading like fire. 

Winter Salon

4 to 29 November 2020

Vinyl Head Gallery

1 Addington Street, Ramsgate CT11 9JN

open Thursday to Sunday 11-5pm

Please contact us for any further information


07903 675298

The Age of Collage 3, Contemporary Collage in Modern Art by Gestalten

October 30, 2020

The glamour of old Hollywood imbues Britsh artist Claire Pestaille’s collages with a sense of undeniable beauty. Yet her work is not just about surface. “The realm of dreams, with their magical, absurd, uncanny simulations of reality” are some of the inspirations for her current series Le Reve de Fleur. Here she combines her signature black-and-white photographic pieces with pressed wild flowers, “to create a vehicle for intervention and preservation,” she explains. “The flowers act as elements for transformation, and echo the essence of nostalgia in the photographic image”. Pestaille creates connections between the narrative of the original image and another dream-imaginary space. In some pieces, images are layered with text or flipped into negative. Ideas around death and absence are juggled with ideas around the representation of beauty, and what it means to be a woman in front of the lens.

The Age of Collage features work by Adam Pendleton, Amie Dicke, Claire Pestaille, Anthony Zinonos, Collier Schorr, David Noonan, Dennis Busch, Eva Koťátková, Jesse Draxler, Johanna Goodman, Kelly Maker, Kensuke Koike, Larry Achiampong, Lola Dupre, Matthieu Bourel, Penny Slinger, Peter Horvath, Sergei Sviatchenko, Weronika Gęsicka, Yinka Shonibare, and many others.

The Age of Collage 3

September 30, 2020

"Cut, paste, create: while collage was conceived in the early 1900's, it seems to be the perfect form of expression for the 21st-century, with all its juxtapositions, eclecticism, and strange bedfellows. In our present age of collage, the simple act of mixing together different elements allows us to question our reality and make new worlds.

The Age of Collage showcases a new crop of artistic vanguards advancing the medium’s possibilities, piece-by-piece. Equipped with a craft knife, paintbrush, stylus, scissors, or tablet, a collage artist’s toolkit is as varied as their creations and this book brings their work back to the paper page". Gestalten

You can find my work on page 33. The work published was created during lockdown in London in April 2020.


Editors: gestalten

Release date: October 2020

Format: 24 x 30 cm

Features: Full color, hardcover, stitch bound, 320 pages

ISBN: 978-3-89955-110-5

Hotel Cafe Royal

October 19, 2018

Invited to produce a series of art works for the corridors of the historical Hotel Café Royal in London was an honour for me.


The artwork I created for Hotel Café Royal was based upon a piece of work I had previously made called ‘Adena’, a photographic collage from a project titled ‘Femme Maison’, (inspired by the drawings of Louise Borgoise). In ‘Adena’, a cutout photographic silhouette of an elegant female figure opens to reveal a decadent room of an interior of a stately home or castle-like building. Tension is created between the glamorous silhouette of the figure and the interior design, mirroring the dichotomy between the inner world of emotion and the outer architecture of society.


In the project for Café Royal, my idea was to make the work more personal and reflective of the hotel therefore I wanted to recreate the image of the silhouette by using current members of staff. It was important to photograph the portraits in a variety of different settings and locations throughout the building for selection of the final images. Alongside the portraits I also took photographs of the interior rooms of the building to provide the backdrop for the silhouette. The rooms I photographed included the Oscar Wilde Lounge, the Pompadour Ballroom, the Mayfair suite as well as signature rooms such as the Tudor suite and Penthouse. Once I had a good selection of imagery printed I then set to work with my scissors cutting and pasting, creating a selection of photographic collages that were then sealed by the process of printing.

Moon Man Magazine "The Global Art Issue" October 2017

September 22, 2017

I am excited to share the news that my work will be published in the inaugural magazine of Moon Man which launches in October 2017 with "The Global Art Issue". Moon Man is a culture magazine inspired by design, with a global focus in presenting contemporary art, photography, fashion and architecture.

With every issue that comes out, we will be releasing a short film. This visual installation will aim to further promote our message across the issues. Each film will embody the essence of the issue it is attached to.
Once Moon Man Magazine reaches the final issue –the film –will be complete with its final scene.

Moon Man Magazine is a project of Moon Man Studios Ltd., a concept studio that specialises in innovative art direction and creative production. Based in the heart of London, we collaborate with a diverse range of clients to provide multidisciplinary solutions in film, photography, styling, editorials, content development, publications and apparel. 

Vault 100, Art Collection at The Ned, London

April 24, 2017

Selected to be part of the art collection at the Ned, my art work is displayed within the vaults of the former Midland Bank at 27 Poultry alongside 92 contemporary female artists.


'The number of women CEOs on Britain’s FTSE 100 stock exchange was a total of eight when Kate Bryan, the British art historian and global head of collections at Soho House, first conceived of Vault 100 in April 2016. Recently opened, the ambitious permanent collection is housed within the former vaults of the old Midland Bank—in the belly of the City of London— at The Ned, London’s highly anticipated new hotel and member’s club. “It’s like the Ritz and Soho House had a baby,” said Ms. Bryan, describing The Ned which is a collaboration between Soho House, the global private members club, and developers Sydell Group.


Inside, Ms. Bryan has put together an art collection that imagines a reversal of traditional gender bias: Vault 100 is a salon that includes 92 art works by leading female British artists alongside eight works by men in collectives. During the final days of the acquisitions process, the number of women CEOs on the FTSE 100 fell to seven, “so I gained a place for a work of art by another female artist” she said, flashing a smile'.

Pine Magazine 'Brazen' (2017)

April 01, 2017

Invited by Annie and Laurie Cone to contribute to the first edition of Pine Magazine titled 'Brazen'.

An interview by Sarah Rose Sharp and 5 pieces of my work from the Femme Maison series were included.  


"Our inaugural issue debuts with daring female artists and contributors. Here, we honour women who never sacrifice their dreams, integrity, or imagination; who unapologetically do what they want the way they want; and who bear the most beautiful fruit from their labor. They exhibit true dignity and purpose, leaving us with enduring impressions".

Brooklyn Vs London

June 14, 2016

Brooklyn Vs London

12-27th June 2015

Carousel, First Floor, 71 Blandford st,

London W1U 8AB


A group exhibition presented by Something in the Attic explores themes of perception and identity through 44 original works created by 14 artists: 7 Brooklyn based and 7 London based, alongside a commissioned soundtrack. The show aims to unite an existing community: the Brooklyn Collage Collective with a group of carefully selected London artists who range from a daytime postman to RCA graduates. Using the medium of collage, the artists create diverse works, yet share the desire to create something new and different from the existing.

Drawn together by an intent to challenge modes of perception and re-think identity, the works in Brooklyn vs London are at times deliberately confusing, unexpected, satirical and other times coherent, even obvious.

Eyemazing Susan Annual Pictorial Edition 2014

May 06, 2014

'In the desire to infuse new life into damaged decayed, and vanished material, a hidden harmony is revealed amongst burned, scratched, ripped out, distorted, painted, layered and faded photographs. Its new form, a pure melancholia - Contemporary Surrealism". Eyemazing Susan..


You can see a selection of my work published in the Eyemazing Susan 2014 Annual Pictorial edition.

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