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The Crystalline 


The Crystalline project, inspired by Deleuze's writings on crystal-time in Cinema II, is a collection of disrupted vintage photographs, film stills and studio portraiture of women from various periods in history. The project started by my interest in  the golden age of Hollywood and the stylised studio portraiture which was adopted to advertise actors and the current film which they were promoting.  These portraits become geometrically divided, squared, cut and duplicated. The images are reassembled like a jigsaw puzzle within the format of a grid in order to produce a fractured circuit or a simultaneous double. The grid becomes both the compositional and conceptual device for the theatrics of the deconstruction of the collage to take place, an arena where identity is questioned, formed, reconstructed and at times made unrecognisable. The Crystalline project started in 2010, however the process of collecting the images probably started back in my teenage years and is a process/project/collection which is on going. Recently I have created more art work for this collection and the grid format has altered; triangles and spheres have appeared and a more relaxed grid like construction has begun to form.